Chiropractic care causes discs to fill with water

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A new study in the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy (Jan 2014) confirms yet another mechanism through which chiropractic care extinguishes pain–the adjustment causes water to enter the discs. The result is a disc that is taller, less dehydrated, and less painful. Dehydrated discs allow the joints to encroach upon the nerves, breed scar tissue formation, and cause pain! For more information about the benefits of joint manipulation, call TODAY 772-220-5880

Thank You Veterans!!

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Today, I came to the office and wasn’t beheaded by a radical islamic extremist. I came to run a business, enjoy capitalism, and speak my mind without fear of persecution. That’s reason to rejoice and thank our veterans. Today, you’re free because I’m free. All services today will be provided at absolutely no charge to American veterans…no catch, no bait and switch, just a sincere thank you.

THREE massages for only $99

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That’s right…THREE 30 min massages for just $99, but you’ve gotta mention this ad! Call TODAY to schedule before they’re all booked up! 772-220-5880

Fall Prevention Awareness Month

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September is Fall Prevention Awareness month, which is a great opportunity to talk about the cost and severe injuries caused by falling. Every year 1,600,000 people visit the ER as a result of a fall and the numbers are increasing annually. By 2020, the projected cost of fall-related injuries will be $32 Billion. This is why Dr. Hennings has become the ONLY chiropractor in the country ever certified in VESTIBULAR REHABILITATION by the American Institute of Balance. Balance trouble and vertigo can have many causes, and Dr. Hennings is an expert in this unique niche. If you know someone who complains of light headedness, dizziness, vertigo, previous falls, neuropathy, or anything else that puts them at risk for a fall, call TODAY! Remember, 49% of those who fracture a hip as a result of a fall will die within 6 months…don’t wait until its too late. 772-220-5880

3 times per week??? Nope.

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A new Gallup Pole reports that 57% of Americans have visited a chiropractor for their neck or back pain. When the remainder were asked why they hadn’t seen a chiropractor, the main answer was that they had no complaints. Some, however, were hesitant because they were under the impression that 1) they would have to go for the rest of their life, 2) would be required to treat three times per week, 3) it would require an exorbitant number of visits, or 4) their insurance wouldn’t cover chiropractic care.

All of these fears are based on arbitrary, antiquated ideas. Research suggests that chronic low back pain is treated successfully in 12 visits or less, and all insurances cover chiropractic care. Furthermore, chiropractic care has been proven to be MORE COST EFFECTIVE than other forms of treatment for neck pain, back pain, and headaches. So call us TODAY! 772-220-5880

Haas, M, Grouppe, E, Kraemer, DE. Dose-response for chiropractic care of chronic low back pain. Spine. 2004. 4; 574-83.