Personal Injury

Our office provides second-to-none care for all types of injuries. Unfortunately, some of our patients suffer from life-altering injuries resulting from severe traumas, such as car accidents, motorcycle accidents, or slip & falls.


WhiplashAlso known as Cervical Acceleration-Deceleration (CAD) injury, whiplash is common in many types of trauma. Years ago, doctors recommended ice and pain medication to treat whiplash, suggesting that it would heal on its own. We now know through extensive peer reviewed research that there are countless further problems that happen as a result of whiplash.

The joints of the spine contain neurons that communicate directly with the brain. Some of these neurons inform the brain when the joints undergo even the slightest bit of motion (known as mechanoreceptors), while others tell the brain what your body’s position in space is (known as proprioception). The inability of either of the neurons to communicate with the brain leads to improper motion of the spine; this may cause balance problems, vertigo, headaches, or may lead to further mechanical damage such as disc herniations.

Science tells us that there are a myriad of further problems (“sequelae”) caused by whiplash—but we know for certain that it is NOT a “wait and see” problem!

Car Accidents

Auto accidentsA common misconception of car accidents is that you may have had a “minor” crash. In fact, a meta-analysis of thousands of accidents found NO CORRELATION among speed of the accident, change in speed (delta V), property damage, and the amount of pain and/or MRI findings. In fact, peer-reviewed studies have shown that LOW SPEED impacts can cause more injury than higher speed impacts—the concept being that higher speeds cause the car to absorb more of the impact (collapse) which reduces your body’s acceleration.

Slip and Falls

Slip and FallAgain, not a “wait and see” situation! Whiplash and disc herniations are common when the body falls faster than the body’s ability to accommodate, such as a slip and fall. Even an ankle sprain is no longer considered a “minor” injury. In fact, a 2012 article from Germany (Suhr, et al) states that up to 20% of ankle-sprain victims still suffered from pain, swelling, or instability after ONE YEAR!

Moreover, we know that research tells us that one of the biggest factors for predicting ankle sprain is a PRIOR ankle sprain (the other being obesity). That’s because the proprioceptors (specialized neurons) in the feet and ankles send indispensible signals to the brain which allow it to calculate for balance. Lack of proprioception is the biggest cause of falls in the elderly, which can be life-threatening.


AttorneyOur office does not mandate any participation with an attorney at any time. However, if you choose to use an attorney as a result of your accident, we are very experienced in dealing with the legal aspects of your injury. We can handle your injury as “central command”, organizing your MRI, orthopedic consultation, pain management, or other referrals on your behalf. If you don’t have an attorney but would like one, we are happy to offer recommendations to attorneys with whom we have decades-long relationships.

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